Terms of use for the iOS applications

The use condition of the iOS application (hereinafter referred to as "this application".) that ITO Software Design Co. Ltd.,(hereinafter referred to as "our company”) offers it's set as follows. After the customer who uses this application consented to the contents of this agreement, they become able to use this application. Before using “this application”, carefully read and agree to the terms of use specified below.

[Use assent]

  1. This application is distributed through “Apple Store” and/or Volume Purchase Program for businesses (hereinafter referred to as "VPP") by the distribution method defined by Apple Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Apple").
  2. In case of this application is “irBoard Player for Device”, our company assents to only use by distribution method which is assigned directly to the iOS devices defined by Apple. A customer has to buy an application independently for each peculiar device. (It isn't possible to share one license at the same time in more than one device.)

[Change and restriction]

  1. Our company assumes that it's possible to make all of the contents or the part of this application and this agreement change, a revision, cancellation or abolition without our making a contact to a customer beforehand. Even when we did change in this application, a revision, cancellation or abolition, etc., Please accept beforehand that we don't do repayments about the charge which has formed with use of this application by a customer. Further we assume a customer is based on being a possibility that the contents which are this agreements based on this item are changed, and that has check the contents which are this agreements personally periodically.
  2. Our company isn’t under the obligation to improve or to repair a flaw of this application.
    However, our company sometimes offers an update edition of this application or upgrade information, etc. to a customer by our judgement. And our company assumes that we also deal with the update edition or the upgrade information, etc. which hangs in this case as this application, and our company assumes that this agreements are also applied to these.
  3. A customer agrees not to move or not to export the information and the technology included in this application to prohibited or a restricted country, defined by an own country and other concerned nations.


  1. When there were insistence of a right, a complaint, and a claim for damages, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "charges".) to our company from a third party/person in relation to the use which are this chosen applications for a customer, Customers have to process customer's responsibility and the charge which hangs in a burden, etc..
    When damage occurred to our company by these charges, a customer has to compensate those damages.
  2. When a customer suffered damage by the reason which results in our obligation in case of the use by this application, our company assumes that we compensate damage up to (maximum limited) an amount of the price equivalent to the fee for one month of nearest which a customer paid to our company actually.

[Contract term]

  1. Our company assumes this contract is formed with the time when a customer has installed this application and has begun use, and that this contract comes into the force.
  2. When a customer can't agree to the contents of this agreement, it isn't possible to use this application.
  3. When a customer violated one of articles of this contract, our company can make this contract end immediately without any prior notice to a customer. We can charge a customer the damage we covered with customer's violation in that case. Further, when this contract has ended, we assume that a customer breaks this application which will be preserved by customer's hardware immediately.
  4. When this contract has ended, a customer can't use this application any more in what kind of reason. Our company assumes that a customer has to breaks or erases all own occupation or this application which is under the management (including the reproduction thing which violated this contract and was copied) promptly.


  1. Regarding to items not defined in this contract, our company assumes that we accord with terms of Apple Media Service or VPP service provided by Apple, about a matter.

This term of use is effective from January 1, 2018.